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Hairstyle With Sew in Ponytail


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Sew in ponytail is the best way to create a simple looking hairstyle. In this hairstyle you will have a thicker looking ponytail. You must have about 4 inches long hair to achieve this look as you have to cover the hair weave wefts. This ponytail will stay on the head for about two weeks or even more depending on the original hair growth. Use this procedure to create this hairstyle within minutes and stay away from hairstylist as they can be costly.
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To get this look, first part the hair as two inch section which will be used to cover your weft and keep it away from the styling using a rubber band. Then braid remaining part of the hair as a cornrow by circling the head. Make sure that your braid ends near your crown by working your way inward. Start sewing the tail of the cornrow in the scalp and keep your weft in the hair extension over your outermost braid to make the needle to stick through your braid as well as weft. Continue the sewing process from weft to cornrows by moving in circle neat the crown of your head. Now you can take the section of your hair that was secured earlier with a rubber band add both of the sections in a ponytail. Add a little amount of gel over the hairline and comb the hair. Use a rubber band on the extensions for making a ponytail.

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