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Tight French Braid


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Creating a tight French braid can give a very formal look that can be worn for any type of special event. Most of the people like to create this look at home without going to hair specialist. Make sure that you have a lengthy hair to achieve this look and those who have a short hair can add extensions to get this look.
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Start the styling by combing the hair and make a small part on top as well as middle of your head. Then separate this part of the hair as three different sections and keep it in your right hand. The left part of the hair must be kept in your left hand and the middle part in between the thumb on both the hands. Try to braid the hair by pulling the hair tightly by crossing right part over middle part of the hair and left part over right part of the hair. Now you must take another part of the hair over right side of your head. You must include this new part of the hair to right braided section by pulling it tightly and try to cross it over middle part of the hair. Use the same technique on the other side of your head and try to add small parts of hair to right as well as left sides in your braid by pulling them tightly. Make a standard braid at the end of your hair and secure it using rubber band.

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