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Treating Hair With Mayonnaise


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There are different ways that are used for treating your hair and one of the most simple way is treating it with Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise can be used for treating the hair instead of a conditioner to save money as well as time. Hairstylists usually use various treatments for treating the hair to keep them healthy and the same result can be achieved by using the Mayonnaise. This treatment works best on all types of hair starting from short to length. Here is a simple method to treat the hair with Mayonnaise without getting any help.

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Before using the Mayonnaise on the hair try to wash it as usual using warm water and cover the hair with a towel. Then take 2-3 tbsp mayonnaise in a bowl depending upon the length of your hair and gently spread it over the scalp using your fingertips. If you have a short hair use on and half  spoon of mayonnaise  in the bowl or for medium sized hair use 2 tbsp to make it work perfectly. Use the mayonnaise all over the hair and cover it using a plastic bag to keep the heat on your head to work it deep down. Leave your hair as it is for about ten minutes and use another towel to cover the head and make sure that the towel is warm. Leave the hair again for about ten minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly to end the styling process.

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