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Perm Solution For Straightening Hair


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Straightening hair can be done with various styling techniques and one of them is using a perm solution. The hair can be maintained in same stage as they way it was before using the solution. It is important to consult a hair specialist before using the perm solution on the hair as it may suit some of the hair types.
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Start the styling by washing the hair two or three days before using the perm solution. This will help to keep the natural oil in the hair and protect it from stripping. Then brush the hair and apply a petroleum jelly all over the hairline. Create a horizontal part on the ears and mist the lower section of the hair with water. Next take the perm solution for mixing and apply it over the hair using the fingers. Use flat clips to keep the hair ends in place and add a little pressure towards downward. Use the same technique on the upper part of the hair. It is important to leave the solution on the hair as per the directions mentioned on the package and use a neutralizer all through the strands of your hair from end to the roots. Now you can take out the hair clips and rinse the entire hair as usual. Don’t turn the head upside down during the rinsing process and make sure to use the regular shampoo for washing the hair to prevent any hair damage.


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