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Rinsing Hair With Vinegar


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Hair can be rinsed with various products to keep it healthy, but the most simple way is using a vinegar. It can make the hair look shinier by taking out the buildup on the hair that is caused due to various styling products. This process involves the same rinsing method that is done on daily basis after washing the hair with a normal shampoo. Most of the hairstylist will recommend to rinse the hair with vinegar as it is the best natural way to keep the hair healthy as well as shiny.
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To begin the rinsing process, first take two cup apple cider vinegar in a jar and add essential oil to mix it together. Cover the jar with a lid and leave it for about 2 days. Then take 1 tbsp of vinegar mixture from the jar to mix it with a cup of water. Start rinsing the hair with this mixture by pouring it all over the hair after washing it with a shampoo. Now you can cover the hair with a towel and leave it to dry for sometime which will be helpful in extra conditioning. The vinegar rinse will helpful in closing your hair cuticles to make the hair much smoother as well as tangle free. You can use type of essential oils to mix it along with the vinegar which will make the rinsing process much easier and you can save time by doing this at home.

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