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Styling A Dreadlock Fall


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Dreadlock falls are usually created with lots of synthetic dreadlocks and it can be the best way to create dreadlocks temporarily. There are different types of dreadlocks available in various textures, colors as well as lengths that can be used to create a unique look. It is very easy o fix the individual dreadlocks without putting any effort by using a hair dryer with low setting and avoid using too much eat on the dreads as it can cause damage.
Valerie June still from Craig Brewer's $5 Cover. Photo by Tommy Kha. dreadlock fall4

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Divide the hair as bunches and then cut a ribbon in two different lengths. Then fold a bunch of your hair into half just around a ribbon and braid it for an inch which will help to keep the hair in place with the ribbon. Use a metal comb to dread your hair by backcombing the hair which will make the hair knot as well as fluff. Try to roll your hair in between the palms to create tube shape. Now take another part of the hair to fold it on the ribbon in the same way and use the same method on the other strands of your hair. Tie your dread falls to a hanger with ribbons and put it in a hot water for about 10-15 seconds. Then take the dreads out of the water and leave it cool and try to twist each of them into your desired shape. You can also secure the lose hair using hair clips.

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