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Styling Hair With Perm Rods


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Perms rods are usually used to create curly hair that can be worn for special events including a wedding. There are many people which also include celebrities who style their hair in this manner as it can give beautiful look. This hairstyle can look perfect if you have a medium to long hair but those who have short hair usually don’t wear it.
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To get use the perm rods, first add a small amount of hair setting lotion all over and distribute it using your fingers. Then make six equal parts in the hair about 2 inches wide. Take out first part from top of your head in the front hairline near crown of your head and take another part in the back from crown to nape hairline. Next take one section from the hair and brush it straight down your head. Pull out half inch part on top of this section and fold end paper on the hair ends to use the perm rod jut under it. Try to roll the perm rod under near your scalp with even tension to make it snug against your scalp. Take end cap of perm rod over the top of your rod to use it in the hole over the opposite side. Leave the wrapped hair under the heated hood dryer to make it dry completely. Take the perm rods out of the hair and use a silk serum all over to end the styling process.

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