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Creating Spiky Hair With Glue


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Creating spike in the hair can give a great look especially when the hair short. But this hairstyle is worn mainly by men and women only wear it to get a new look. There are different ways you can create a spiky look and the most simple method is using a glue. Feathering your hair is very important in this styling process as it can help to make the hair stand up straight on its own without any styling product.
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Begin the styling with a washed hair and take two inch part from the hair to wrap it using elastic band. Then take a section of the hair by removing the elastic and brush it using a comb from top of the head to feather the section to make it stand on its own. Next add small amount of hair glue from the bottom of your hair about half up over the section. Try to blow dry the hair at the end with high heat and make this part of your hair taut during the drying process. Keep on moving around the base of the blow dryer while drying the hair. Now apply the glue on the rest of your hair shaft and try to twist ends of the hair to create a spike. Keep your spike taut to use the blow dryer and use the same method on the other strands of the hair to create spikes all over the head.

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