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Hairstyle With Loose Crimps


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Creating loose crimps in the hair can give a funny look and it can be created on any type of hair starting from medium to long. It is very simple and easy to achieve this look without going to a saloon by using the right tools. You can also use a crimper to create this look at home. This hairstyle can created in two different ways such as braiding the hair overnight to create crimps and styling the hair to achieve loose crimps immediately.
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First wash the hair and brush it gently. Leave the hair to dry on its own and spread a gel if required. Then divide the hair as two different parts down the middle on forehead till nape of your neck. Separate your hair again from crown of your head till your ear on each side. Start braiding the hair tightly and keep it in place using rubber band. In case you have a thick hair, try to divide the hair into four different parts. Leave your braids in the hair as it is overnight gently take out the rubber band in the morning. Comb the hair gently to get rid of any tangles and you will have a loosely crimped hair all over your head. End the styling process by misting all over the hair with a spray to get extra hold. You can also braid the hair when it is damp and blow dry it before removing the braid to achieve crimps immediately.

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