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Hairstyle With Short Dreads


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Dreads are known to give a very unique look and it is mostly created with a long hair. There are chances to create short dreads without using any special technique. But you must give your hairstyle proper maintenance to keep it in the same form for a long time. It is important to get a dread wax that is suitable for your hair type from a beauty supply store before starting the hairstyling process.
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Begin the styling process by washing the hair to get rid of all the buildup and stay away from conditioner. Then brush the hair to remove the tangles and take a half inch part of your hair using a rattail comb in the front. Make a ponytail and keep it place using an hair elastic. Try to create ponytails by moving across of the head and take your first ponytail to insert a comb halfway from ends to backcomb towards the scalp. Continue to tease the hair till you create matted ball in the hair. You must also tease the ponytail created across the head and add a small amount of hair wax to spread it all over your hair to make it softer. Now take the first matted ponytail to roll in between the waxed palms to create a tight tube. Try to roll each ponytail in the same using the wax and leave the elastic on the hair for about a week and remove the hair elastics gently.

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