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Steps To Straighten Thick Hair


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Everyone likes to keep their thick to prevent it from falling. There are different ways you can try to keep the hair thick, but styling your hair can be difficult. The best hairstyle for the thick hair is straight where the hair will be just brushed instead of using any special methods. You must also follow few simple procedures to keep the hair straight that is thick. You can make the hair straight within minutes after getting some practice. Using the right tool as well a technique is very important during this process as it can cause damage to the hair. This method is mostly used by men when compared to women as it is very effective with short hair.
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First wash the hair before using a conditioner and apply a little amount of leave-in conditioner. Then brush the hair by pulling out in sections and blow dry the hair towards outward. Blow drying the hair can make it look straight and to make it completely straight you must divide the hair as different parts. Keep them separated using hair clips which will be used to clamp in a straightening iron. Use medium heat with the straightening iron on the hair section one at a time. Remove the hair from the straightening iron and use the same method at least twice on each strands of the hair. Try to select thin straightening iron for making the hair straight if it is short.

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