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Styling Short Hair With Barrettes


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Hair barrettes are usually used to style the hair that is long, but you can use it on short hair. Most of them like to style the hair with barrettes as they can be used on any type of hairstyles. Here are few styling tips that can be helpful in using the barrettes on the short hair. There are also many celebrities who like to use the barrettes for styling their hair as it can give a simple as well as amazing look depending upon the hairstyle that it is used on.
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First select a small barrette and use it over the bangs on your hair. You must use a little amount of spray on the bangs to keep it in place if you are not using any clips. Try to wear the barrette over the side of your head and for flat bangs use small bobby pins to keep the hair sticking out of your barrette. Now place another barrette over outside of your eyebrow which will accentuate the short hair along with a dressier look. You can also use decorative bobby pin over your hair at the crown to make the bangs to look fuller. Try to push your bobby pin into the hair and make sure that the decorative part in the pin will show up. Use small decorative hair pin on other side of your head. Stick your pin into the hair without opening and pulling it too much at the back.

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