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Double Chain Braid


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Double chain braid is a very unique way of styling the hair for special occasion. This hairstyle will look almost similar to a French braid. It is usually created by dividing the hair as two different sections. There are many celebrities who style their like this to achieve a beautiful looking hairstyle. This style is also liked by kids as it can give a really cute look. There is no need to go to hairstylist to achieve this look as it can be done at home and if you are doing this for the first time get help from a friend.
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To start the styling process, first comb the hair completely to take out the tangles. Then separate the hair as to different parts starting in the middle of the head. Take one of the sections to begin the styling and secure the other using a hair clip. Divide this part into two sections and try to cross it over to create a normal knot. Take few more hair from the left side to add it along with your left strand and pull out few more hair from right side to add it along with your right strand. Continue to crossing it over to create a regular knot. Use the same technique on the other part of the hair that was secured with a hair clip. You can tie your extra hair behind the ear or try to curl it to make the hairstyle look good.

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