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Haircut With Wahl Clippers


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In case you are planning to cut the hair at home can save time as well as money. There are different tools that are available to cut the hair at home and one of such product is Wahl clipper. It can be used to create a stylish haircut by sitting at home. There are many people who style their hair with this tool as it needs only few basic techniques to use it.
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Wash the hair properly before starting the cutting process and dry it using a normal towel. Then brush the hair to remove the tangles and keep it straight. Use largest guard in the Wahl clipper and keep taper lever in front of your clipper in up position. Turn the clipper on and begin the cutting from the hair line by gently pressing it down moving toward top of your head. First use a single stroke on your head and look at the shape of your hair and you can use the smaller guard if required. Continue to cut the hair in the same procedure all around sides of your head as well as at the back using the smaller guard. After finishing the haircut, use a larger guard in the clipper to cut your hair over middle portion in your head with upward motion. Now use larger guard than the one used on the middle part to cut the hair in front of your head and move across top of your head with long strokes.

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