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Hairstyle With Windblown Bangs


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Windblown bangs can give a fun look and it can be created on any type of hair. It can make the hair look naturally wavy and you can easily blend your bangs along with other hair in the head. Most of the people like to style their bangs in this manner which also includes celebrities. You can also color the bangs and add hair accessories to make the hairstyle look more attractive. Use this method to do this styling at home without using any special styling products.
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First get a proper haircut by going to a saloon which is very important before starting this styling technique. Then add a small amount of hair styling mousse all over the hair. Try to spread the styling product throughout the hair using your fingers by scrunching it. Now use a blow dryer along with a diffuser to dry the hair and try to direct the bangs using your hands. Continue to brush the hair gently and choose random sections in the bangs to make it curl. Wrap one inch wide parts of the hair in a medium size curling iron. Keep the curling iron in diagonal angle as per your desire and leave the hair in it for about ten seconds. Now gently remove the hair from the curling iron and style it with your fingers. At last spray the hair as well as bangs with a small amount of hairspray to end the styling.

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