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Methods To Restructure A Brittle Hair


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Brittle hair can occur due to various reasons and one of the most common is using flatirons or blow dryers. The hair which is brittle will look lifeless and can spoil the look of your hairstyle. Here are few things that can be followed to restructure a brittle hair. By restoring the hair you can keep it looking beautiful forever without special tools.
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First get help from a hairstylist to trim your hair which has split ends as it can easily help to reduce the brittle looking hair. Another option is deep conditioning the hair once in a week after washing the hair. Add the conditioner on the hair and leave it for about half an hour by covering it using a plastic cap. You can also leave it for a long time for better results. Use moisture-rich shampoo to wash the hair and condition it as usual. Dry the hair using a towel and add a small amount of olive oil all over. Try to air-dry your hair whenever possible without using a heating tool. In case you are using a blow dryer to dry the hair add generous amount of heat protector hairspray. Do not pull the hair while creating hairstyles such as a ponytail as you can cause breakage in the hair leading to brittle hair. You can create a loose bun when the hair is still wet and try to create braids to get a healthy looking hairstyle.

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