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Straightening Hair With Hot Comb


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Hot comb can be used for various purposes and it can also help in making the hair straight. It is a metal picked comb that can be easily brushed through your hair to make it straight. This toll is considered to be better when compared to a flat iron for straightening your hair. It can also be used much closer to the hairline for adding more texture in the hair.
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Use the hot comb depending upon the hair type as it can produce more heat to the hair which is already straight. There are different types of hot combs that can be used to make the hair straight. Try to condition your hair before using the hot comb as the hair can become brittle if you fail to condition it properly. Give your deep conditioning treatment in case you after washing the hair before starting the styling process. Try to read the instructions about the hot comb before using it on the hair to avoid damage to your hair. Make sure that the hair has become fully dry before using the hot comb to prevent burn. Try to brush the hair into small parts to use the hot comb close to your hairline. Use it gently over the hair and make the heat to enter into the separate parts. Continue to use the hot comb on all the parts of your hair and in case the hair doesn’t become straight use it again on each part of hair.

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