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Beveled Edge Haircut


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Beveled edge haircut can give a very interesting as well as unique look. In this hairstyle, the end of your hair will be cut sharp. This hairstyle is normally created by a professional hairstylist, but with proper guidance it can be done at home without getting any support. Make sure that you are good at cutting your own hair to prevent accidental cuts.
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Before starting the cutting process, go though the images with beveled edge cuts which will be helpful in selecting the suitable haircut for your hair type. Then get a beveled edge cutting scissors that usually have flatter edge at a 35 degree angle. Instead of using the scissors on your hair first try to cut the hair in a wig. The beveled edge cutting scissors are made especially for experienced hairstylists and using it for the first time can be difficult process. The hair is usually cut with more force by the hair specialists by keeping the hair in place. The blunt cut can be achieved much easier by this method of haircutting. Decide about the cutting pattern and use a hair conditioner all over the hair to make it smooth. You must mist the hair with water during the cutting process when the hair becomes dry. Brush throughout the hair when it is still wet and start your haircut. Look at the length of the hair after cutting it to make sure that it looks even and snip off any stray hairs.

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