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Hairstyle With Japanese Bow


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A Japanese bow is a very beautiful hairstyle that can be created on any type of hair starting from medium to longer size. If you have a short hair use a synthetic hair to create this hairstyle. This hairstyle has been worn by few celebrities such as Lady Gaga where the hair will be swept on top of your head before wrapping it as two different loops for creating the bow.
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First brush the hair at the back of your crown to create a simple ponytail and hold it in place with elastic band. Then brush the hair again to make it fully smooth and press the ponytail against your head. Now take the ponytail in your hand against inside of your elastic band and try to twist it at least once. Next send the pony tail inside the elastic band through empty loop to wrap it. Then take the ponytail in your one hand to pull the loops from elastic band to keep it secured in place. Try to slide your ponytail through extended loop for creating the bow and take the loop in your hand for twisting your elastic band just like before to secure one side of elastic band. Slide the hair again inside the open side of elastic band to create the second bow. Use hair pins to keep the hair bows in place and try to wrap any loose hair to your bow to keep it in place with hair pins.

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