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Hairstyle With Pink Highlights


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Highlighting the hair with pink can give a very amazing and unique look. This type of highlights is usually used by hairstylist to prevent damage to the hair. There are few celebrities who like to highlight their hair with pink color. There are different ways you can use for highlighting the hair and here are few simple steps that can be followed to do this without damaging the hair.
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First decide about the length of the hair that you are going to use the pink highlights. Then condition the hair after washing it at least few days before starting the coloring process. Next go through images of celebrities or other people who have highlighted their color in this manner to make sure which is suitable for your hair. You can use a comb-through technique for coloring the hair as it is very simple where you have to apply the color over the hair brush and comb it through the hair. Get a comb through kits from a retail store along with paintbrush as well as pink color. There are spray-on pink colors that can be used to mist the hair to achieve the pink look. Just use a simple comb to spread the color through the strands of your hair. In case you don’t want to use any hair color just purchase hair extension in pink color and add it along with the natural hair to get the same look as the colored hair.

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