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Naturaly Ways For Treating Oily Hair


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Having oily or greasy looking hair can give a hard time for most of the people. There are different ways used to manage the oily hair, they can damage the hair. But you can also treat this issue naturally without using any kind of styling tools. Here is a simple and easy technique that can be useful while treating the oily hair.
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First remove the excess oil from hair by washing it with clarifying shampoo and avoid using a conditioner as it can make the hair greasy. Try to condition the hair once in a week with a proper hair conditioner suitable for your hair. Then use a powder over the scalp as it can help to absorb the excess oil. Use hair products that are suitable for your hair type and stay away from hair care products that can increase volume in your hair as they can make it to weigh down the hair very easily. You can also use herbal products to remove excess oil from your hair. Try to rinse the hair using two lemon juice along with water which can help to take out the grease buildup from the hair. You can also use apple cider vinegar to rinse the hair only after washing it with a shampoo. Take 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and mix it in a half cup boiling water along with one bag mint tea. Once the mixture becomes cold use it for rinsing your hair.

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