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Spanish Updo


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A Spanish updo is a beautiful way of styling the hair that is medium to long in size. It is a special hairstyle that can be worn for a wedding. You can also make it look more attractive by adding hair accessories or creating curls in the hair. This style can created even with short hair, but you must add hair extensions.
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Start the hairstyling with a cleanly washed hair and condition it as usual. Then use a curl-enhancing hair gel all over the hair and blow dry it along with a diffuser. Divide your from top and bottom from one ear to another. Take top section to make a side part and secure it in place using an elastic as well as hair pins. Now take the hair left down in front part of your head towards back of your head to meet remaining hair and leave it slightly over the forehead. Apply a hair gel to make the smooth and keep it secured in place. Try to divide other part of your hair which was kept at the back as two inch sections and use a styling gel for wrapping it around heated roller. Secure the roller in the hair and leave it for about 20 minutes. You must curl the hair at the bottom half using a barrel curling iron and style it with your fingers. Now you can take out the rollers to make the curls to fall as usual.

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