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Straightening Hair With Rollers


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Hair straightening is usually done using lot of styling techniques and one of the easy method is using a roller. Usually rollers are used to create curls in your hair, but you can also use them for making the hair fully straight. It is a temporary hair straightening process that can stay till you wash the hair.
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Prepare the styling process by washing the hair as usual and dry it using a towel. Then spread a straightening lotion all over the hair from end to root and comb the hair. Next divide the layers in your hair and keep the lop layers secured up. Now take the hair that is left loose into three inch sections at the back and secure it with hair clips. Keep your hair roller over the bottom in the hair from inside and hold end of the hair just under to roll your roller towards the hair line. Secure your roller to wrapped hair and use the same technique on the other part of your hair. Now pull your top layer down to continue the rolling process till the entire hair gets rolled. Leave the hair to dry on its own and avoid using any heating tools for drying the hair. Make sure that your hair has become fully dry before taking out the roller. After removing the roller from your hair try to comb it as usual and then spread a small amount of serum throughout the hair.

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