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Pageant Hairstyle With A Bump


pageant hair bump pageant hair bump2
There are different types of hairstyle worn for a pageant and most of the people prefer wearing a half updo. You can make this half updo more attractive by creating a hump in it. This style can make you stand out in the crowd when you match it with a proper outfit. Just use the following method to create this hairstyle with the help of simple styling tools by backcombing your hair.
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First clean the hair by washing it as usual using a shampoo and try to condition it. Mist the hair with a thermal hairspray once the hair becomes fully dry with blow dryer. Next pull a small part of your hair near the crown between arches of the eyebrows to create small bump. Then take the remaining hair at the back of your head to keep it in place using elastic band. Try to backcomb the underneath section of your hair to add fullness and smoothen top layer to keep the teased hair hidden. Now hold halfway down the part of your hair for twisting it once and try to push your hair forward to secure it in your head using bobby pins. Mist the bump with a spray and take the hair that was secured earlier at the back of the head to leave it loose. You can keep the hair straight to get a casual look and if you want to make it look formal try to curl the hair.

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