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Steps To Prevent Gold Undertones


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Most of the people will try to color their hair to look gold in color, but sometime the hair color can become much brighter than expected spoiling the entire look. There are few things that can be done at home to reduce the gold undertones in the hair. Try to select the ash shade color to cover the gold undertones very easily in the hair.
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First lighten your hair with blue or violet base color which will counteract the gold tones in the hair. Then do a strand test in your hair to make sure that you are using the right color and there are no allergies. Follow the directions on the coloring kit and if you do the coloring process very soon it can make the hair to look brassy and if you leave it for a long time the hair can turn into gold color. Mix the coloring solution in a bowl before applying over the hair and using blue or violet hair color can help to neutralize gold undertones very easily. Use a drabber in the regular shampoo to adjust the gold tones in the hair. After completing the coloring process wash the hair as usual using a normal shampoo that is suitable for your hair and condition it. Make sure to wear iron filter in the shower to avoid the iron from the tap water to fall on your hair as it can make the hair look brassy.

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