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Straightening Hair With Steam Comb


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Using a steam comb for making the hair straight is a very common process. It is a perfect choice of tool that can be used on the wavy or curly hair to make them straight. This tool can help to give a straight as well as sleek look without going through any special process. There will be no flyaways or frizziness in the hair after using the steam comb. If you are using this tool for the first time just follow this simple method.
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Start the styling with a cleanly washed hair and make sure that your hair fully conditioned. Then leave the hair to dry on its own or you can also use a blow dryer. Next comb the hair to remove the tangles and add a mousse all over the hair. In case you have a thick hair, divide your as different parts and try to style them individually. Now you must take one inch wide strand to glide steam comb straightener into each strand and do this gently without putting any pressure. Use the steam comb from hair roots and then glide it toward the end. Continue with this process on all the strands of your hair to make it straight and try to use the steam comb on individual strands for better result. Make sure to hold the straightener about 3 inches away on the scalp as the stream from the straightener will be very much hot that can burn the skin.

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