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Styling Pigtails With Clippies


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Wearing a pigtail can give a young look for most of the people as they are normally worn by teenagers or kids. This hairstyle can be created on any type of hair, but you can make it look much more stylish by using clippies. There are different accessories that can be worn with this hairstyle, but the clippies are very easy to wear.
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First as usual comb the hair and mist it with a little amount of water. Those who have long hair must divide their hair as two sections and take the entire hair at the back to create the pigtails. If you have a short hair, try to make two small pigtails on top of the head. Part the hair using pointed end of rat tail comb to pull the hair back to create the pigtails. Try to brush each pigtail to make it smooth and keep it in place using elastic bands. Create the pigtails as tight as possible to give a spiky look. Now you can use the clippies on the pigtails as per your desire. Most of the people place first clippie about two inches from hair band and other one will be used on the scalp. Try to keep the clippie in the front of the second clippie and continue to add the clippies around elastic hair band surrounding your pigtail. Use the same technique on the other pigtail and insert the clippies carefully just like you did on the first pigtail.

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