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Braided Halo Updo


braided halo updo Scarlett Johansson
Braided halo updo is a sophisticated classic way of styling the hair that is medium to long in size. This updo has been worn by most of the people from a very long time. It is a flower girl hairstyle that can be worn for a special event such as wedding. You can make this hairstyle look more beautiful by adding flowers or any other hair accessories.
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To create this hairstyle at home, first wash the hair and dry it using a blow dyer along with diffuser. You can mist the hair with heat protectant spray to prevent damage to the hair during the now drying process and use your finger to brush through the hair. After the hair becomes fully dry, try to part it down the middle of your head and pull out a part of hair in the front over the sides of your section that will be braided. Thos who have shorter bangs, move few inches away from your forehead till you are able to get long hair. The sections in the hair must be about one inch wide to achieve this look perfectly. Start the braiding process till you are able to create about 4 inches braid in length. Keep the braids in place on the side of your part using a decorative hair clip. Now you can adjust the braid as per your desire and then spritz it with a shine hairspray to end the styling.

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