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Hairstyle With Angled Cornrows


angled cornrows angled cornrows2
Cornrows are worn by different people all over the world as it can give a new completely look. The cornrows can be worn in various styles depending upon the length of your hair. Creating angled cornrows can really change the way you style your hair. It is important to get some practice of creating cornrows before proceeding with the actual hairstyle.
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To get this hairstyle, take one inch part of your hair over the side and divide it into 3 separate parts which must diagonally from the forehead to back of your head. Now pull one of the parts and secure the other two parts using a hair clip. Then separate the one inch part as three different parts in front of the head and left section in the left hand. Take the middle part in the right hand in between the thumb as well as forefinger along with part of hair hat is at far right in your right hand. Try to cross left part over the middle part and take it underneath crook of the middle finger in the right hand by sending middle section into the left hand. Use the same technique on the other parts of the hair all over the head and every time while crossing the hair on the other part try to include additional part of hair into the section. Make sure that each braid must go from forehead towards back of the head diagonally.

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