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Pressed Powder To Lighten Hair Color


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There are different products that can be sued to lighten the hair color, but you can also use pressed powder to do this which can also help to hide the roots. The roots in the hair will be easily visible if you color the hair with dark or blonde color and using the pressed powder can be much safer when compared to other coloring products. Most of the people prefer using pressed powder over the blonde shades as it will be able to provide the best result.
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First take a pressed powder matching the color of your hair and make sure that it is lighter. Fold a paper towel and spread the powder all over the hair using a point of your towel. After applying it all over the hair brush it completely part by part from the middle of your head. Try to use the powder over the hair roots at the scalp and move your way into the hair. Make sure that the powder cover the entire root of your hair and keep it visible. Now you can smudge your freshly used powder using a clean paper towel which will help to get rid of the excess powder and mix the hair color with your hair. The powder can be removed using a normal shampoo and you can also use it on the hair as usual as it is much safer which does not cause any damage to the hair.

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