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Color Blocking Technique With Foil


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Color blocking can be done on the hair to make large part of your hair different from rest of the hair. It is mostly used by many people to color bottom layers in the hair after a haircut. This technique is used to create a natural looking hair along with an edgy look. Just use these steps for using the color blocking technique on your hair using a foil.
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First comb the hair and take a section of hair to secure it using hair clips which will be used for the color blocking technique. Then take the hair color to pour it in a bowl and read the instructions carefully before using it on the hair. Take a two inch section and keep the first foil piece over it. Start applying the hair color on your natural hair using a paint brush from root to end of your hair. After completing the coloring process try to fold your foil on the hair and secure it in place. Use this technique on the other sections of the hair by following the direction on the package to leave the foil on the hair to achieve the desired look. At last rinse the hair using water after taking out the foil from the hair till it runs clean from the hair. You can use a shampoo to wash the hair and condition it deeply. Leave the hair for about five minutes and then rinse the conditioner from the hair.

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