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Conditioning Lotion To Wrap Hair


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Hair wrapping is a technique that can be used to texture the hair to straighten it without using any styling tools. The wraps are usually wrapped when the hair is completely dry to keep it straight and sometime it can also be done with a wet hair. You can use a conditioning lotion to start the wrapping process which can help to keep the flyaways away from the hair. It is very easy to wrap the hair with a conditioning lotion and you can also add shine with this process.
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To start the styling process, first wash the hair and get a deep conditioning treatment before leaving the hair for about fifteen minutes. Then rinse the hair to remove the conditioner and use the conditioning lotion to make the hair wet. Make sure to apply the lotion generously all over the hair and don’t make it dip from the hair. Create a small section and brush the hair with a comb straight down in the middle of your head.  Brush through the hair in a clockwise motion to add tension in the wrap. Use a hooded dryer on the hair for about 30 minutes on the outside of your wrap. Brush through the hair in circular motion as you combed the wrap to make it loose to dried position. After the wrap becomes a little loose, brush the hair as straight as possible to create a center part in the hair style.

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