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Feathering Scissors For Cutting Your Hair


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Feathering scissors can be used to cut the hair along with texturizing ends and it is able to break hair tension during the cutting process. You can select a medium precision scissors for creating a feather look in your hair. These scissors are usually used for creating unique haircuts and it is recommended for primary haircut. Make sure to use the feathering scissors carefully as it will be too sharp.
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Start the styling by taking a small part of the hair in your hand and keep the scissor against your hair at 80 to 90 degree angle. You can do this by opening the scissor two-thirds of its full capacity. Make sure that one of the blade is kept on top of hair section and other one under it. Move your scissor blade just across hair shaft which will be useful in cutting the hair in forward direction. You must just use the blades for shaving the hair in different lengths and not snipping it using the scissors. Try to feather the hair about 5 inches over the fingers on the hair shaft with short motions and stroke your scissors over hair section. The hair which has been cut must fall away while moving your way closer to the fingers. After reaching hair ends just glide your scissors toward the fingers while releasing your hair section. Use the same method on the next part of your hair till you are able to create the feathered look.

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