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Formal Scene Hairstyle


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A formal scene hairstyle can give a great look which can be worn for events including wedding or dance. This type of hairstyle is usually created by going to a hairstylist, but you can also do this by sitting at home without spending too much money or time.
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First curl the hair with a curling iron a night before starting the styling process and mist it with a spray. Then backcomb the hair near the crown and keep it vertically for combing your hair from midpoint near the strand toward the scalp. Next take half of the hair up over the ear and secure it with bobby pins. Try to push this section of your hair up to make a bump and keep it in place using bobby pins. Leave the curls to fall down over the back of the head and create high ponytail. Use curling iron to style the curls that have fallen down to achieve a casual look. Take the entire hair to create a bun by wrapping the hair around itself and keep it in place with elastic band. Make a side updo by taking small parts of your hair at the opposite side of the bun and take the hair fall on its own. Now you can style the hair as per your desire and ad hair accessories to make it look more beautiful. You can use a barrette to cover the bobby pins that was used to secure the hair in place.

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