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Hairstyle With Synthetic Ponytail


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A synthetic ponytail is a perfect way to create a fake ponytail and you can easily change the way you look with this hairstyle. It is usually made of synthetic hair that can be used along with any type of hair. This hairstyle can give a very sophisticated look that can be worn for any occasion. There are different types and size of synthetic piece available in the store and make sure to select the right one.
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Begin the hairstyling by washing the hair and try to condition it before using a towel to dry the hair. Then mist the hair using a detangler hairspray and brush the hair up to secure it with hair elastic. You will be able to create tight bun by wrapping your hair around itself and keep it in place using hair pins. Try to spritz the hair with a spray if you find any bumps with your hairstyle and leave the hair to dry on its own. Now you can use a top comb to attach with your fake ponytail over the bun and keep bottom comb over the fake ponytail just below the bun. Next take your ponytail drawstring to pull it up for securing it in place. Pin the ponytail drawstring just underneath the ponytail using bobby pins. You can use a talcum powder over the synthetic hair in case it looks too much dull and this will help to make it look shiny.

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