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Straightening A Wave Nouveau


straight wave nouveau straight wave nouveau2
A wave nouveau can be helpful in creating beautiful waves or curls in the hair without causing damage to the hair. But you can also make the wave nouveau straight to add more texture in the hair. It is easy to straighten the hair that has wave nouveau using heat styling tools and it can only give a temporary effect. Try to use the flat iron on the hair only for 4 seconds on each section as using it for a long time can cause damage to the hair.
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First take flatiron with multiple temperature settings along with ceramic plates. Then set the flatiron in a temperature of about 350 degrees. Spread a heat protectant hairspray all over the hair which will help to reduce the heat damage in the hair. Now take a section in the hair to clamp it with the flatiron around the section from the roots. Try to slide your flatiron over the section till the end of the hair and try to hold it gently while reaching the ends. Use the same method all over the section of your hair and make sure to do this process as soon as possible. Now you can style the hair as per your desire. There are few things that are very important while using the flat iron on the hair. Never use the flat iron on the hair when it still wet after washing as it can spoil your look.

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