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Dreadlocks With Thin Hair


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Dreadlocks are usually created with a thick hair, but you can also achieve with a thin hair. Dreads have been popular among many people from a long time and even today people like to create dreadlocks with their hair to get the unique look. It is very important to maintain the dreadlocks that have been created with a thin hair to prevent causing damage to your hair.
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To create the thin dreadlocks, start the styling with an unwashed hair which will help to keep the hairstyle in place for a long time. Now separate the hair into one inch section and secure it with hair elastic. Continue to section off the hair all over the hair in the same way. Then braid the hair that was divided into sections and leave them on for about 10 days by washing the hair at least once in three days. Now you can take out the braids and comb it using as hair brush to remove the curls by making it look frizz. Spread a hair wax all over the sections of your hair and start creating the dreadlocks section by section by twist your hair tightly in one direction. You must tease the hair and twist it in the same direction to create the dreads and use the elastic to keep it in place. Maintaining the dreadlocks is very important to keep it look healthy and it can be difficult for first few months.

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