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Flip Out Straight Hairstyle


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A straight hair can be flipped out at the end to create a very unique look. There are many people who like to style their hair in this way as it can be done very easily without spending too much time. This hairstyle can be worn for various occasions starting from casual to special events. Use the following method to create the flipped out hairstyle without using much styling tools.
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To create flipped out look, first wash the hair which is very important and add a small amount of hair gel in your palm to distribute it all over the hair. Try to use a blow dryer with medium heat along with a round brush to create the curls at the end of your hair and make sure that the curls are created outward. Slide the round brush on the hair and keep the blow dryer nozzle around your brush to create the curl while drying the hair. Use the same technique all over the head in sections and make sure that your hair on top is smooth as well as flipped out in the end. Now you can adjust the shape of your hair with the help of a flat iron as per your desire by running it down your hair shaft. Try to curve bottom edge of your iron in the front to make a sleek and swept flip. End the styling by using a hairspray to mist the hair.

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