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Hairstyle With Colored Extensions


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Hair extensions can be worn to get a unique look and it can be more attractive by adding hair colors. You can select any type of hair extensions including human and synthetic hair for adding into the hair, but you can only color a human hair extension. You can also style this hair extension after using the color on it. Try to select the right hair color which must match the original color of your hair for better results. Be careful with your eyes while applying the color on the hair.
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First get a hair coloring kit which must include color, developer, applicator bottle and gloves. Then comb the hair completely to remove the tangles and place the extensions on a towel. Now you can mix the hair color after wearing hand gloves along with the developer. Start applying the hair color all over the strands of your hair extensions and brush it to spread it all over. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully while applying the color over the extensions. Rinse your extensions to remove the color with warm water and use a conditioner all over the hair. Next comb the hair gently and wash it with cold water. This will help to keep the color in the extensions and make your hair look shiny. Now try to dry your hair extensions with a blow dryer if you want to complete the process immediately or you can leave them to dry naturally.

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