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Side Sweeping Fringe


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Side sweeping fringe hairstyle is very popular among many women including many celebrities. This hairstyle is almost similar to a normal fringe, but in this it will be swept sideways. It can really give an amazing look where the bangs will be swept at the side of your head. You can easily achieve this look by following few simple haircutting techniques. Anyone can create this hairstyle if they are able to cut their own hair by just using razor or even shears.
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Start your hairstyling by wrapping the bangs on top of round brush. Then dry the hair using blow dryer and brush it down at the side where the bangs will be swept. Try to brush the hair bangs once it becomes fully dry using fine toothed comb and leave two fingers worth hair below your comb which must be hold in between your index as well as middle fingers. You must close the shears to keep it half closed and take your hair just underneath the fingers with hair kept at the opposite the direction of the bangs. Now you can cut the fringe ends by opening the blades slightly moving down of the hair. You hair at the side must be left slightly longer which will help the bangs to bend sideways in horizontal line. Use this method to cut the hair slightly higher while passing the bangs at the top of your eye to give a swept look.

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