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Haircut Using Layering Scissors


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Creating layers in the hair is done with various process and one of the method is using layering scissors. You can easily modernize your haircut by creating layers in your hair and it can also help to add texture without using chemicals. Layering scissors are almost similar to the normal scissors, but there will comb one side which will help to prevent some hair from cutting. Get some practice to cut the hair with layering scissors before applying it on your hair.
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Prepare the styling by washing the hair and massage the head properly to get rid of dead skin on you scalp. Place a piece of cloth around the shoulders and brush the hair to make a part. Before starting the haircutting process decide about the length of your hair. Use normal trimming shears to cut the hair across back of your head and remember that your hair will become 1/3 inch shorter as the hair becomes dry after the cutting process. Use layering scissors to trim the shortest layer by keeping it at 90-95 degree. Keep layering scissors at an angle to make your hair to fall in the front of the head and use this method on each layer of the hair. At last comb the hair straight to get rid of any stray hairs. You can also cut the hair with normal trimming shears to finalize the haircut and make sure to brush the hair till you create even layers.

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