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Hairstyle With Hair Wreaths


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There are few hairstyles that can be worn only for special occasions, but you can make your hair daily hairstyle to be a perfect choice for a special event by styling it with a wreath. The wreath is decorative accessory that can be worn along with any type of hairstyle in a circular shape on the head. You must always check the wreath while using it on the hair as there are chances of making it loose and make sure to use more bobby pins to keep the hairs wreaths in place.
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First take the wreath to keep it upside down and place two combs on the side of your hair just under the wreath. The curved side of the comb must face down on top of your wreath. Now you must sew end of your hair combs with main circle of hair wreath and keep the combs secured. Flip your wreath right side and squeeze it slightly between the hands to make it look like an oval. Now keep the oval wreath over the head using the hair combs by sliding it into the hair against your scalp. Squeeze both sides of your hair wreath together to create the original shape. Slide the bobby pins inside the hair wreath in front as well as back of the head and underneath the hair wreath to secure it in place perfectly. Use the bobby pins to press it closely against the scalp by slide it in to the wreath.

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