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Hairstyle With Micro Loop Extensions


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Micro loop extensions have an attachment ring that can be attached with your hair without using a glue. You can apply this extension with proper precision and perfect extensions tools. It is also made of 100 percent human hair that helps to be styled as per your desire.
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First part your hair after washing it and make a horseshoe shaped section. Then make vertical part on both sides of your head from ear to crown section. Brush your hair forward and secure it on from of the ears. Now you must section the remaining hair horizontally on rear of your head about halfway in between crown as well as nape. Secure the section on top of the head using duckbill clips and take half inch of hair near nape of your neck using a comb flat. Try to send hooking device inside micro loop in the hair extension  and take about 15 strands in between your thumb and forefinger to insert it inside tip of hooking device. Start sliding micro loop hair extension over the stem of hooking device and hair strands by placing it about 1/4 inch from your scalp. Keep the clamping tool over the micro hair loop and press it firmly for keeping the along with your natural hair. Use this method on the remaining part of your hair and make sure to use the micro loop hair extensions evenly throughout the hair. Take the hair secured on the crown to fall out as usual.

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