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Make Orange Hair Look Darker


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A processed hair can be very difficult to adjust as per your desire and also to maintain it in a proper way. There are few important things that must be taken care while dealing with the colored hair and especially if you have a dark orange colored hair. It is important to follow instructions mentioned on the color package to achieve the result in a proper way.
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Always use permanent color with two just shades darker to the present hair color which will help to take out the brassiness easily. Use a protein filler on the hair and try to leave it for about 5 minutes before you start to rinse the hair as usual. This will make the color in your hair to bind easily when it is being processed with orange color. You must section your hair as four parts and keep it in place using hair clips. Make sure to mix the color as per the directions mentioned on the color package and use it about three-quarters on the hair taking out 1 1/2 inches on the scalp by brushing it straight down to the roots. Leave the hair as it is for about 5 minutes and brush the hair with a normal comb to spread the color throughout the hair. Leave the hair with color as per the time mentioned on the coloring package and wash it as usual till the waters comes out of the hair clean.

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