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Malibu Treatment For Hair


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Using hard water to wash the hair will make it very difficult to maintain due to buildup in the hair. It can also make your hair feel dry, dirty as well as coarse. You can easily take care of such problems with a Malibu treatment. This treatment is mostly done at salon, but you can also do this at home by using Malibu shampoos and conditioners. The excess buildup in the hair can make the blonde hair to change into brassy hue tresses. It is also a perfect treatment for removing the buildup from the hair and making it look completely clean.
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This hair treatment is considered to be the best choice for prepping the hair for perms as well as relaxers. It is normally used on the hair just before a hair coloring process or even after perming and relaxing as it is buildup. Most of the hairstylist will suggest to take the Malibu treatment at least once in 2 months incases the hair has undergone coloring process. While using the home Malibu treatment which includes shampoos as well as conditioners must be done quickly. Washing the hair with hard water can make it lighter due to iron. Those who go for swimming on regular basis will make their hair damaged due to chlorine build up. The Malibu treatment process is usually left under hairdryer for about 40 minutes which usually depends thickness of the hair and the processing time effectively take put the buildup.

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