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Using Cloth Iron To Straighten Hair


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There are different used to straighten the hair and you can also do this with the help of a cloth iron. It is easy to get a sleek look with this tool and there is no need to spend more time or money. You must use this tool with the right technique without damaging the hair.
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First wash the hair using mild shampoo and condition it with a strong conditioner to save the hair from the damage caused by the heat of the iron. Then dry the hair using a towel and keep it slightly damp. Apply a hair gel to make the hair straight and it will help to keep your hair straight as possible during the day. Divide your hair as two various parts from the middle of the hair and secure one side of your hair away from the styling process. Take a small section from the left out hair and set the iron with medium non-steam setting. Keep a towel below the top loose section and start pressing the iron on the outer part of your hair. Try to move your iron all the way towards the end of your hair from the root. Make sure that your hair becomes fully straight after using the iron or you can use it again on the same strand. Follow the same technique on the other side of your hair that was secured earlier and comb the hair for adding it with other parts of the hair.

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