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Blown Out Hairstyle


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Creating a blown out hairstyle can give a weird look for some of them who have not maintained their hair in a proper way. You can create this hairstyle to make the dull looking hair bright with few simple tools. These types of styles are achieved only by going to a saloon, but you can try this without getting help from a hairstylist. Never use too much of hairstyling products on the hair as it can make them look weighed down. Stop using the blow dryer with high heat setting as it can spoil the hair by damaging it and make it look frizz.
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Start the styling by washing the hair before drying it partially. Keep the hair slightly damp and divide it into 6 equal parts. Begin to blow dry each section using a round brush. Start at the scalp and work your way forward. Blow dry your hair with a normal brush section by section and wrap it around the large rollers and from tip to root of your hair. Keep the hair in place using hair clips and mist the entire hair with a hairspray. Leave the rollers to stay in place for sometime till the spray becomes fully dry and then take the rollers out of them gently without putting pressure on the hair. Use the fingers to brush the hair and end the styling after blow drying the hair with the help of a blow dryer in cold setting.

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