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Low Messy Ponytail


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A low messy ponytail can give a completely different kind of a look. This look can be achieved only if you have a lengthy hair. It can easily provide a carefree look without putting much hard work for styling the hair. Most of the hairstylists use the same technique that is used at home for creating this hairstyle, so there is no need to go to a saloon.
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First comb the hair to take out all the tangles and make a simple ponytail at the nape. Use an elastic to wrap it around the ponytail around its base at least one and don’t pull your entire ponytail through elastic band during the second wrap. You can simply pull half of your ponytail through the elastic band and leave other half as it is. Do this again one more time by pulling few hairs through elastic band and leaving few hairs out to achieve a messy look. You can use any technique to make the ponytail to look messy and make sure to take out few hairs from the elastic to make it look even messier. Add a small amount of hair serum in your hands to spread it at the side of the head which will control the flyaways as well as make the hairstyle look shiny. Finally use a simple spray to mist the entire hair to keep it in place and keep the ponytail on one side of the shoulder.

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