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Natural Ways To Prevent Grey Hair


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Grey hair can occur for various reasons and it is very common when people start to age. There are many people who like to color their hair to cover the grey looking hair. But you can also follow few simple steps to stop the grey hair without using any styling products to prevent damage to your hair. Even though there is no stop the hair from becoming grey, you can keep the hair black for some time with this process. Most of the hairstylist will prefer to color the hair to prevent it from graying, but it can make things worst sometimes when not done in a proper way.
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Follow a healthy diet by consuming rich foods with zinc and protein. Eating chicken as well as red meat can help the damaged hair. Foods which have Vitamin A are green vegetables and mangoes can help to make the hair glow. You can also use fresh amla on the scalp and massage it gently before rinsing it with water. It has lot of vitamin C that is good to maintain pigmentation on the hair. This is a perfect choice for those who have a grey hair. Make sure to make the amla paste before using it on the hair for better results. The amla can help to support hair growth and it is available in all the food stores. Use coconut oil along with lemon juice to massage the hair and rinse it using warm water after 15 minutes.

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