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Importance Of Cellophane Treatment


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Cellophane treatments are the best choice to condition your hair to make it shiny. It can also add a glassy texture in the hair by coating polymers over cuticle of your hair. This treatment can be taken in a salon or if you are good at styling the hair on your own use this technique at home. Cellophane treatments are available in clear as well as color formulas along with semi-permanent coloring. The hair can stay in its original color or may become darker than the actual hair color.
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In this treatment, the Cellophane will be used on the hair using a brush section by section. Take the middle part over your ear on both sides parallel to your hairline which will help to make four sections. You can use the butterfly clips to keep the section in place and pull out quarter-inch partings at your nape. Use the cellophane product with the help of a brush starting from root to end on each part of the hair. Then cover your head using plastic cap and get seated under a hair dryer for about 20-30 minutes. At last wash the hair using a shampoo if it has been covered or you can straightaway use conditioner. The Cellophane treatment is mostly done at a saloon and the price may vary from one place to another depending upon the process. This treatment can stay on the hair for about 2-4 months if you do it in a saloon.

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